West London FC are Bringing Warmth to the Community

2 months after the launch of Pukka Athletic, we partner with brand new grassroots community team, West London FC.


Their vision is to become something big, not through status or accolades but simply through word of mouth and the network created socially through local support and engagement. A place for anyone and everyone to enjoy sport, but also for people who want to support their community.

The Ethos of the club is to allow people to play sport competitively without the expectation of excellence or pressure of becoming anything more than a community club. The club is registered as a non-for-profit organisation and the ultimate goal is to enable participants to play for free with any surplus finances going back into community activities.

Pukka Athletic are supporting WSTLDN FC with equipment, kit and pies, we cannot wait to see the club bring warmth to the game and the community.



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