Come Rain or Shine

Welcome to the Team - The Payling Brothers

The Payling Brothers, along with their friends and grand son are at every Sheffield F.C. game, come rain or shine. When at home, they can be found in front of the Yorkshire stone pub (The Coach and Horses) which backs onto the pitch.

The Payling brothers stay close through their love for the team, not through deep and meaningfulls, not through trips to Wembely or FA cup runs, but through the simple but devoted act of being there.

Pauls grandson also attends every game, despite the bright lights of local Premiership and Championship sides and his Mums disproval of late returns from away games on school nights, he is there, behind his team, with his Grandad.

Football is Family, Family is Football, we welcome the Payling brothers to Pukka Athletic.




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